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Wrongful Death

If you have lost a loved one in an accident, the New York City, Nassau and Suffolk County wrongful death lawyers at Itamar Levy & Associates PLLC, can provide immediate assistance helping the family in all legal matters associated with the tragedy, as well as representing the family’s interests against the parties at fault. Contact a wrongful death attorney at Itamar Levy & Associates for a free confidential consultation regarding your options in a wrongful death claim.

Some information to know about a wrongful death case:

• The case against the negligent party must be started within two years of the person’s death.
Wrongful death cases have shorter statute of limitation than medical malpractice or personal injury cases. Our experienced wrongful death firm will make sure that the case is commenced within the allowed timeframe to preserve all the legal rights the family is entitled to.
• Before the action is commenced, executor or administrator must be appointed by the Surrogate’s Court. Since the decedent cannot bring an action, someone must be appointed to represent the surviving members of the family. If the decedent left a will, it must be probated, and the executor will be appointed to act as a representative and/or plaintiff in the wrongful death lawsuit. On the other hand, if the person died without a will, or intestate, the court will appoint an administrator to proceed. Keep in mind that either of the representatives will need to get appointed before the applicable statute of limitations runs out.
• Recovery for wrongful death cases is based on pecuniary loss. Pecuniary loss is defined as monetary loss and can be quantified.
• The settlement may need to get approved by the Court. If the decedent left a will, which gets probated by the Court, the items to be distributed out of the estate are stated in the will. However, if the person dies without a will the Court has prescribed rules for who receives the proceeds of the settlement or jury award in wrongful death matters.

The goal of a wrongful death case and our wrongful death attorneys is to get compensation to the survivors and beneficiaries for their loss. If someone you love died a wrongful death and you don’t know what to do, you may have a valid claim for those injuries. Call or text a New York wrongful death lawyer from Itamar Levy & Associates now at (347) 685-4510 or contact us at ilevy@itamarlevylaw.com.