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Truck Accidents

If you suffered traumatic injuries or someone you love was killed in a truck accident in the greater New York City area or Long Island, it is critical that you assert your right to just compensation with the help of a truck accident lawyer Long Island and New York City trusts. The financial losses from a severe injury or a family member’s death can be devastating, and these could just be the start of your personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Truck accidents account for a severely disproportionate number of roadway deaths. While this is unsurprising when you consider the extreme size, weight, and complexity of large commercial vehicles, it is no less tragic for the families who lose loved ones under circumstances in which someone else is to blame. For those who survive truck accidents, life is rarely the same. Debilitating pain, inability to work, scarring and disfigurement, emotional trauma – these are just some of the life-changing consequences that tend to follow traumatic truck accidents.
When we investigate truck accidents on behalf of victims and their families, we look for evidence of:
• Talking on the phone or texting behind the wheel
• Watching movies or videos, using social media, and giving in to other distractions
• Truck driver fatigue due to spending too many hours behind the wheel (truck drivers’ hours are limited by federal law)
• Lack of truck driver training or experience
• Driving under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription medications, or over-the-counter sleeping pills
• Truck driving errors like speeding, tailgating, failing to check blind spots, and ignoring traffic signals
• Negligent truck maintenance
• Defects in tires, brakes, lights, cargo straps, and other truck and trailer components
• Cargo loading errors like exceeding a truck’s weight rating, failing to adequately secure cargo, and creating unbalanced loads
• Non-truck-related factors like defective road surfaces, visual obstructions, and other drivers’ mistakes
Some of the Common Cases of Truck accidents are:
Turning: Large trucks need a lot of room to turn. It is common for the truck driver to use more than one lane of traffic to make a right turn. This often results in unsuspecting passenger vehicles being crushed.
Fatigue: Truckers s drive long hours in order to keep up with the company demands.
Brake Time: Due to the size of these large commercial vehicles, trucks can’t stop quickly, which leads to a great number of rear-end accidents.
Jack-knife: Large trucks can jack-knife if they come to a sudden stop and the load shifts. This sudden shift causes the trailer to come around and go sideways.
Defects: Defects in tires, lights, brakes, the way trucks are loaded, and many other reasons can make trucks extremely dangerous on the road.

By focusing on uncovering all of the causal factors involved in the accident, we are able to maximize our clients’ recoveries while ensuring that each of the responsible parties is held legally accountable.