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Property Tax Reduction Services

Guiding through the Nassau County Property Tax Reduction Process can be difficult.
Our firm has two payment options for representing you for a tax grievance on your behalf. The two options for fees are a flat fee or a contingency fee. If a client goes with the flat fee, your costs for our services will be capped. If you choose the contingency fee option, the only fee will be half of the total property tax savings, if we are successful. In the rare event of a Small Claims Assessment Review proceeding, a $30 court-imposed filing fee will apply, win or lose. We will only charge you for the savings that we achieve and will not take credit for any property tax exemptions – such as the Basic or Enhanced STAR, Senior or Veteran’s exemptions – that you may have filed on your own. No one will be coming to your home to inspect your property as a result of filing a grievance. No red flags. No chance of backfire. There are only two possible results of filing a Nassau County, Long Island tax grievance: your assessment will be reduced, or it will remain the same. Your assessment cannot be increased as a result of a grievance for that year.
Our firm is customer-service oriented and focused on achieving positive results. In the process, we are happy to educate taxpayers on how the Nassau County property tax assessment system works. Our firm represents you. Once you authorize us to file sa grievance on your behalf, we will appear at all conferences and hearings relating your property tax matter. We will take care of every aspect from beginning to end.
It is important to file for property tax grievance every year. Our firm recommends filing your grievance every year, even if your assessment seems low. WE suggest this technique because the School and General Tax rates are continuing to rise. If you do not file a grievance, you are not proactively trying to protect yourself from increasing tax rates. If you do not contest your property taxes it is likely to increase due to rising School and General tax rates. Even if you received a reduction the prior year, as long as we can find sufficient evidence to establish a claim, our firm can lower assessment even further.