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Postnuptial Agreement

A postnuptial agreement differs from a prenuptial agreement in that it is drafted after the couple has already been married. A postnuptial agreement can be beneficial for one or both spouses where there was no prenuptial agreement signed prior to the marriage. A postnuptial agreement may or may not signify impending divorce, however, in many cases the parties want to specify exactly what will happen in the case of a divorce. The agreement could cover the responsibilities and duties of each party during a period of separation, and could act as a blueprint for a divorce in the future. A postnuptial agreement can vary depending on the specific needs of the spouses. As with any prenuptial agreement, postnuptial agreements define how marital property will be divided and includes spousal support, retirement funds, and the responsibilities of each party with regard to debts and other obligations. Ensuring that you engage the services of an experienced attorney to draft your postnuptial agreements is crucial if you are to protect your interests. New York has specific rules that must be followed for a postnuptial agreement to be legal.

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