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After the court issues an order for child custody, child support, alimony, or visitation order, people often forget that they are allowed to ask for a modification. Even still, modification requests can be complicated and need to be navigated by an experienced family attorney.
As you seek modification, you must ensure that your petition is presented in a clear and effective manner within the family law court. The court wants to see that a significant change in circumstances has occurred before they grant a modification of any kind. Although this significant change can vary from case to case, many changes are extremely common. The court will consider many factors such as employment changes, relocation, health issues, remarriage, or various other items.It is the person who requests a modification to show the court why you need modified orders and if children are involved, why it would be in their best interest

We can help you determine if your change in circumstances is enough to warrant a modification and then draft a petition to the court.
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