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Estate Planning Services

At Itamar Levy & Associates we understand this complex area of the law and we have strong, technical legal expertise and experience in the area of wills, trusts and estates. Our estate planning attorneys take the time to get to know you and your needs. We also communicate in a caring and responsive manner and we listen to you. Together we design estate planning strategies for you, your family, and your business to effectuate your goals.

The goal of estate planning is to create an efficient and cost-effective strategy for the management of your property and assets during your lifetime and their distribution after your death. A comprehensive estate plan is essential for the preservation of your assets. Estate planning is not only for the rich. If you have assets and own property, you have an estate and therefore you need to have a plan! Your estate is what you leave after you pass away. You want to control how it is done, who gets your property, and when.
People who do estate planning want to make sure that their assets are passed on to their loved ones without problems, without high legal fees, and without time delays. Sometimes, people do estate planning to make sure that a particular person, such as a spouse or a child, is protected. Often, someone does planning to make sure that they have enough assets to live on for the rest of their life. An estate planning attorney, at a firm like ours, is your best resource to make this all happen.
Basic estate planning includes the use of a will, a comprehensive durable power of attorney, and health care directives, such as POA & Wills. These directives help you avoid the kind of medical treatments that you don’t want, if you are unable to communicate your wishes. Without these decisions, your loved ones will not be able to make decisions on your behalf. As your estate planning attorney, we will work with you to create an estate plan.