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Child Support

Child support is decided by state guidelines described under the Child Support Standards Act: Child support is calculated as a percentage of the adjusted gross income of the non-custodial parent. This law also states that both parents are required to share in their child’s financial support to ensure that the child is given an appropriate standard of living.

The child support percentages are as follows:

1 child: 17% of the combined parental income
2 children: 25% of the combined parental income
3 children: 29% of the combined parental income
4 children: 31% of the combined parental income
5 or more children: No less than 35% of the combined parental income
There are many variables to this formula. It’s more complex if there is a split or shared custody arrangement, if there are children from a previous marriage, or other support requirements.
The parties are also responsible for the childrens’ health insurance, unreimbursed health care expenses, child care expenses, and educational expenses.
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